Mint Programme Review

A must attend programme for every young professional to launch a successful career in Germany. The two month programme strikes a good combination of both soft skills development and gaining profound insights on the current career trends and intricacies of the European job market. Through weekly group sessions carefully constructed to cater to topics such as understanding the labour market, identification of personal strengths, tips on efficient job hunting, analyzing job advertisements, self-marketing and many many more, this programme has definitely given me a huge edge over my peers in the competitive job market. In addition, the many intensive one to one personal sessions lead to continuous improvement on vital job interview presentation skills and extensive revisions of the professional resume and cover letter. To add to all this, the ever friendly and always helpful mentors Frau Nicola Pilz and her Assistant kept all the very high information packed sessions very interesting, creative and interactive. Their commitment, continuous corrective advices and ever eagerness to clear any doubt was often beyond the level of professional commitment and definitely helped maintained our motivation and focus. The programme further included the provision of obtaining a professional resume photo, opportunity for mock interviews and help in registering oneself onto the Germany wide ‚Agentur für Arbeit‘ job portal. In short I owe all thanks to this programme for equipping me with profound knowledge and professional skills needed launch a successful career in Germany and can confidently recommend this programme to anybody who aspires the same.

Masters Programme (MSc.) in Computer Science
Universität Paderborn